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I've talked to the grandma and she said she would email or talk to her son, the dad. Hopefully the talk or email will include a look at growth charts and such. I said that maybe she could mention that now it's recommended that baby's first foods should be meat bc it's easier to digest than grains and cruciferous veggies.
OK, you are not a troll and the situation is real. I am one of those who think that the baby has to be checked by a doctor.
All this talk about small children is fine ... to a degree. Naturally, someone will be the smallest. But it one thing when a child is genetically predisposed - small bones, small size, etc., it's another thing (it probably happens) when a child is doomed (a genetic defect, disease, etc.) and yet another when a child is mistreated. So it seems logical to check a child who is so tiny. It is better to be on a safe side.