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Thread: Aussie mumma needs to lose 20kg more

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    Aussie mumma needs to lose 20kg more

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    I have been reading all the amazing posts, before and after shots and stories of people transforming their lives.


    On new years day 2013 I weighed in at 94kg. I decided then that 2013 was my year to change my life. So I went on a calorie restricted diet of 1200cals per day and have lost 12kg.

    But then I could not shift any more. A friend told me to read MDA and I have been hooked.

    I have been eating this way now for 7 days, but I include dairy as I have been a vegetarian since I was 15 (I am 37 now) and have swayed between veganism and locato-ovo vegetarianism since then.

    Since the start of the year I now eat organic chicken and wild-caught fish and feel so much better.

    But this week has been phenomenal for me. I have felt full for the first time in years and am relishing eating real food.

    I would like to hit 60kg, but my original goal was 70kg. I am 5'4" and at my skinniest adult weight i was 70kg.

    Anywhere between 60-70kg would look ok. I am at 80kg right now.

    Thanks for sharing all your amazing stories and soon I hope I can join the before and after shots too!

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    Hi butterfly, welcome from a fellow Aussie.
    Your in good hands now that your on this forum. Keep an open mind and don't be afraid to unlearn. A little bit of trial and error will also do you well.

    One question I wanted to ask is, Are you still doing the same calorie restriction now? If so I would proceed with caution. Alot of people crash when they restrict carbs as well as calories, even on primal.

    The protocol I would follow is to do low carb for a month or 2 while eating as much as you need (no calorie restriction) to rid your self of any sugar addiction. After the month or 2 you can start cycling in carbs as well as cycling in calorie restrictions, this is where trial and error comes in, to find the levels that work best.

    Hope all goes well

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    That is a great news..congrats on that..i hope to see you do better in future...thanks for sharing with us..good luck in the future..

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