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Thread: Fallen LC success story, new to Primal

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    Fallen LC success story, new to Primal

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    Hey all! I just wanted to pop in and introduce myself. I'll have questions and such in later posts, but for now I'll just bring you up to speed on my story... I did a LCHF diet about 7 years ago and lost over 70lbs! I've read many many LC books and forums and I have a good general knowledge of what to do... That being said, I've since gained about 90 of that 70 back due to sheer laziness and worse than terrible diet. There are days I eat cheetoes for breakfast, ramen for lunch, and mac and cheese for supper, sucking down a 2-lieter or two of pepsi along the way.

    I need to fix myself before its too late! I've read a few Paleo books since doing LC, but the more I learn about Primal the more I want to live like a "real" caveman.

    I'm a big science nut, and have gone as far as reading many actual science journals, so its safe to say I fully believe that this is THE way to live.

    Anywho, hi. Nice to meet ya. My name is Tyler, and I'm a carbaholic.

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    Welcome typod250. Also read "The Primal Blueprint".

    We have a research section for medical tests and study posts. Lots of good reading there.
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    Hello Tyler. You've done it before so you can do it again.
    FTM. I'm not biased, I hope everybody beats the mags!

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