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Thread: The No-Nonsense Way to Build Strength

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    The No-Nonsense Way to Build Strength

    If you enjoy complex, time-consuming muscle building routines, this piece is not for you.

    Here are the main points. I'll put a link to the full article at the bottom.

    Based on his own research and that of many others, Dr. Carpinelli lists seven straightforward guidelines which have been shown to work. These recommendations make sense for just about everyone, civilian or military. The simple, research based, no-nonsense guidelines provided by Carpinelli follow: (Parenthetical comments are clarifications.)

    1) Select one or two free weight or machine exercises for each muscle group. (Exercises may be changed from time to time.)

    2) Lifting duration should be consistent with good form throughout each repetition. (Not too slow or too fast)

    3) Range of repetitions can be from 3 to 20, which may vary from exercise to exercise or workout to workout.

    4) Continue each set until it becomes difficult to maintain good form. (The level of effort required for optimal strength gains is unknown.)

    5) Do one set of each exercise. (There is very little evidence to suggest that multiple sets of each exercise are superior to a single set for strength gains.)

    6) Rest long enough between exercises to allow proper form for each exercise. (Donít rush or rest longer than necessary.)

    7) Train each muscle group 1 to 3 times a week, depending on individual recuperation and response.

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    The Simple, No-Nonsense Way to Build Strength
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