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Thread: Eating Disorders

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    Eating Disorders

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    Have any of you been through an eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia, good old food/weight obsession) and been affected one way or another through PB/paleo/low carb?

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    From my experience with eating disorder, consistently supplying your body with nutrients, especially protein, helps significantly. Actually consistent intake of protein helps with about any addiction related disorder.

    I went low-carb a few years ago at the same time I found my passion. My disorder with food (always thinking about nutrition, "orthorexia") was more of a sign for me that this was actually my passion.

    Self-recovered very quickly with a good diet of plenty of nutrients, and daily satisfaction of what I love to do.

    Some good reads are:

    The Diet Cure and The Mood Cure, both by Julia Ross

    In Pursuit of Healthiness, Only to Achieve Happiness!:

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    I have been up and down with anorexia nervosa since about age 18, currently 24. as a female at 5’8, I once got as low as 88lbs before I stopped getting on the scale. Many times I almost died, and would have these brain seizures like occurrences in my sleep. Not gonna get into nitty gritty but my whole story is on my blog . the beginning of last year I ended myself in a relapse by giving into the horrible advice at zeroing in on health and becoming zero carb for over a year. The beginning of this year I switched unwillingly (my parents made me start eating veggies again) to primal blueprint. Best decision toward health and recovery I have ever made. My problem is basically my genuine fear of food and eating. I have a big problem with needing to deserve food or earn it, and when I do it has to be perfect. I overanalyze and overthink every single meal possibility. My diet now includes LOTS of organs, eggs, coconut milk, fat and vegetables. I have yet to meet a part of the cow I don’t like. I also eat a lot of double strained greek yogurt and goat dairy. The dairy makes the weight gain easier. It’s not that gaining weight is hard as I know perfectly well HOW to gain weight, it is just the disease that accompanies it makes everything so damned frustrating and lots of tears are shed in the process. I have bad bones but a perfect immune system and never ever get sick with any sort of anything. However, I am sure my organs do not have the fat they need around them, and I do not yet have a period. I need knee surgery because of jumping on my bed, tripping down a step and screwing up my MCL and meniscus….I blame it on my shitty bones as a normal person would have fared fine with what happened to me. Having starved myself for a good 4-5 years I need a lot of time I am guessing to get well, especially considering I am an ‘older’ developer with anorexia. I have a tight control bubble, security and comfort zone with anorexia. I accept I need to let it go and that involves gaining weight. It is hard 100% harder when people tell me they would kill for my body and are so jealous and envious of me. I am working on getting in 3 meals a day, everyday with a night snack regardless of whether or not I am hungry. I shoot for 3000 a day. Some days are good, some days are bad. I currently don’t exercise and cant really walk distance due to the knee injury, making it all the more difficult.

    what i have learned is this:
    -fatty fish and a lot of it helps with the depression, really, and i take krill oil
    - vitamin D makes me feel better
    - zinc is essential
    - magnesium supplements sort of help my sleep but an epsom salt bath works better
    - organs give you ungodly amounts of energy
    - i sweat in bed a lot
    - i had zero difficulty digestively changing from zero carb to primal

    any other question please ask i am more than willing to help

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