I was born in the Year of the Dragon and I'm a 14+ year martial artist. Hence the thread title.

Fitness Goals

Gain 10 lbs. of muscle
Build maximal strength and strength endurance
Improve my conditioning

Exercise Preference

Current Physical Stats
24 year old male,178 lbs., 6í0Ē

Current Training

Iíve been using Overcoming Gravityís template for about 7 months. Essentially,two supersets of bodyweight exercises: vertical push/vertical pull/leg and horizontal push/horizontal pull/leg. These are my numbers from the last cycle I finished:

Ring dips: 3x6, pullups 2x7,1x6, pistol to bench 3x4/leg, ring wide pushups 3x7, ring wide rows 3x6, and box step-up 3x4/leg

Planned Training

Iím about to start using Alistair Ramsayís Gymless protocol. It fluctuates volume weekly: 1 week low rep/low volume (3 sets/exercise),1 week low rep/high volume (5 sets/exercise),1 week high rep/low volume (2 sets/exercise,to failure),and 1 week high rep/high volume (4 sets/exercise, to failure). Use exercises I can do <10 reps of for the low rep weeks and >10 reps for the high rep weeks. Iím making the switch so I can work on max strength and strength endurance without completely ignoring either. Iím more interested in being all-around fit than just strong. And I need strength endurance to pass the military PFT when I get in.

I toyed with the idea of using Ross Enamit's protocol from Never Gymless, where I train ABA, BAB style every two weeks. I decided to use Ramsay's template because it makes it easier for me to know when to adjust exercises (every four weeks, change exercises). I am using the progressions from Overcoming Gravity when I need to progress exercises.

Schedule: 3/week resistance, 1/week sprint (I really need to start doing these), 1/week muay thai class, and daily joint mobility/slow movement (I plan to buy Supple Leopard when I return to Chicago).

As I get stronger, I will start working isometric gymnastic holds and explosive plyometrics into the programming. Maybe I'll start supersetting isometrics+dynamic or explosive movements. But that's for the future.

Current Diet

Paleo with occasional dairy. 2000 cal/day non-workout,3000 cal/day workout (2500 cal/day average)

Macros: 60 % fat/28% protein (175 g/day)/12% carb (100 g/day from vegetables)

Future Diet
I want to gain 10 lbs. of muscle mass using bodyweight training while keeping my carbohydrate consumption about the same (basically all from vegetables, because I like them). Using the IF calculator at IF Calculator, I find I need to eat 2564 cal/non-workout day and 3419 cal/workout day (set to ďLean Massing (-10%/+20%)Ē). I will eat about 190 g protein/day (eating for the weight I want). The calculator tells me this will take about a year to hit my mass gain goal. I'm okay with that.

I bought lots of cheese today to increase my intake to 2500/3500. I'm willing to let my calories drop a little on non-workout days (2000-2500), but I'll keep protein the same. After I eat through the cheese, I am going to drop dairy. I want to try stricter Paleo: meat, fish, vegetables, fats, occasional fruit and nuts. I'll even cut butter and cook using animal fats and coconut oil. That's an experiment to see if I can handle pure Paleo.

Current Resources/Limitations
I have gym access for another month as part of my internship, then Iím back to school. I have no gym access there because I cannot afford it, particularly with the increased food budget I anticipate. I have a pullup bar, gymnastics rings, and a weight vest that goes to 100 lbs. in my apartment. Time is not an issue; I prioritize my workouts.

I will try to keep this thread limited to my food and fitness stuff, and maybe the occasional adventure-post. No talking about law school or career plans or any of that. This will be a purely non-law escape for me. Please talk back! I've tried doing the challenges at Nerd Fitness and inevitably it just becomes me posting my reps for the day and no responses ever. I'd like this to be an ongoing conversation with like-minded people. Thanks!