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Thread: Best Self Forward

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    Best Self Forward

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    Hi all,

    I'm going to be using this journal to keep myself accountable, and to help see if there is any tweaking I can do to improve my health and fitness. A bit about me:

    - I am in my late 20's, and fairly healthy and fit by the usual standards - I'm not overweight at 130-135 and 5"6 but I could definitely benefit from dropping 10 lbs.

    - I have had a slew of gastro issues ever since I went on multiple courses of antibiotics for recurrent UTIs, which I am now addressing. I recently switched from Primal to a Perfect Health Diet style of eating, adding in more "safe starches" like rice and potatoes. This has helped immensely with my gastro issues, and has also led to me craving fruit way less (which would always give me stomach pains). I am trying to keep my diet low in FODMAPs, which is also helping.

    - I've got some insulin/hormonal/reproductive issues, so I am taking a drug called Metformin for that. I avoided taking the meds for a long time, thinking I could fix everything through diet and exercise. I couldn't. The meds are helping, and I'm happy about that.

    - I try to get some gym time at least 3 days a week, and walk a lot (average an hour a day, I would say).

    That's the gist of it! Any comments/recommendations would be very helpful.
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    Food Diary for Sunday, July 7th

    B: My morning green smoothie: light coconut milk, a big handful of kale, a slightly underripe banana, scoop of Proteins+ powder, tsp of matcha, a few ice cubes

    L: Leftover sushi rice (no seasoning), 2 pastured egg yolks, 1/2 small avocado, slices of gravlax

    D: Same as lunch (minus one egg yolk) - boring, I know, but nothing else seemed appealing.

    Tomorrow the bone broth returns! (Currently simmering on the stove)
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    Monday, July 8th

    Food Diary

    B: Morning Green Smoothie

    L: Chicken/marrow bone broth, 2 duck eggs, bok choy, rice noodles

    Post-WO: Banana

    D: Grass-fed beef burger, sweet potato roasted with 1 tbsp coconut oil, homemade ketchup


    Warm-up: walked to and from the gym, total about an hour
    Push ups 3x10
    Reverse lunges 3x10
    Press 3x10
    Dips 3x10
    Squats 3x10
    Planks on Bosu 3x60sec
    Plank rows 3x10

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    Ok, so today wasn't a great eating day. I rarely eat between meals (unless it is before or after a workout, and not always then) and always feel off when I do. I had no carbs with my lunch (it was at a restaurant) and had strong carb cravings by mid-afternoon, thought a raw cacao bar would satisfy, but it didn't, added in an orange, a bit better, but while I was preparing the sushi rice for dinner I "nibbled" waaaay too much. At least I over-vinegar it, so that lowers the GI. Oh well, I didn't stray from my "diet" per se, just likely ate a good 400-500 calories more than usual. At least I got in a good 2-hour walk with my dog!!!

    B: Breakfast Green Smoothie (with extra Kale)

    L: Cobb Salad with 2 poached shrimp, some lump crab, 2 slices of smoked salmon, a hard boiled egg and half a small avocado

    Snack: Some (too much) sushi rice nibbled on while I was making it for dinner, one small orange, one Giddy Yoyo raw chocolate bar with spirulina.

    D: 2 sushi rolls (home made) with wild pacific red snapper cooked in coconut oil

    Any suggestions on how to avoid the mid-day snack attack? I was thinking of downing a tbsp of coconut oil Shangri-Law style. Thoughts?
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    In anticipation of a good day tomorrow, here is what I'm hoping to accomplish:

    B: BGS

    L: Chicken/marrow bone broth, 1 duck egg, rice noodles

    Pre-WO: 1 tbsp coconut oil

    D: Leftover snapper, 1 cup sushi rice, kimchi, 1 duck egg

    My knees and quads are still sore from yesterday, so this is still my planned workout for tomorrow:

    Warm-up/cool-down: walk to and from the gym, total about an hour

    Adductor 3x10
    Leg curls 3x10
    Chest Press 3x10
    Dips 3x10
    Push ups 3x10
    Planks on bosu 3x60sec
    Side Plank on bosu 3x30sec each side
    Opposite Arm And Leg Balance 3x30 each side

    **** Ok, workout didn't happen (will do that tomorrow for sure!) but ate according to plan.
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    B: BGS

    Pre-WO: 1 tbsp coconut oil

    Post-WO: Kombucha

    L: 3/5 of a chicken skewer and maybe a half cup of cold mashed potatoes, and another Kombucha made with blue-green algae, spirulina, chlorella, etc...

    D: 2 tuna sushi rolls


    Walked to and from the gym (1hr total)
    Did an awesome pilates class

    Overall, pretty pleased with my day!
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    Ok, so yesterday was pretty good considering it was a night out. B was the usual, lunch was 2 cubes of chicken and some mashed potatoes, dinner was a hodgepodge of asian fare, most of which was primal/PHD compliant. The drinks were abundant, so I'm sure I went over calorie-wise.

    Today I got drove about an hour out of the city and got a good hike in with the dog.

    B: BGS

    L: Faux Pho w/duck egg yolk, rice noodles, bok choy, and some avocado (low protein lunch, I know, but I just wasn't into the heavy protein stomach feeling on such a sunny day)

    D: TBD - probably going out again

    Also, I weighed myself yesterday - I only do so once a month or every 6 weeks. I haven't lost, but haven't gained since moving from Primal to PHD, and I am feeling much better on more carbs, so overall I'm happy. Now it's just tweaking the exercise and calories to lose those 10 lbs!!
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    Last night's dinner was light and delicious until I decided to indulge in some gross chocolate candy....I'm far more upset by the stomachache today than the calories consumed...but today is a new day! I think I'm sticking with rice and lean protein today, just for ease of digestion.

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    After a few days of overeating I'm back on the bandwagon! At least a got a TON of walking in during that time (~3 hrs per day - my feet hurt!)

    B: Green Smoothie

    L: Rice, some chicken and an egg yolk

    D: Rice, some chicken and an egg yolk

    BORING, I know, but my stomach is in knots and I need something bland and easy to digest!

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    Ok, time to get back on track! I went out for an outstanding dinner last night, kept it relatively paleo/PHD (minus the chocolate dessert and the seed oils - I have no idea what fat they use there, but I'm assuming it is not coconut oil or tallow!).

    Breakfast: Paleo Pancake (2 eggs and a banana, and smidge of butter to keep the pancake from sticking to the pan)

    Lunch: A spanish tortilla-esque concoction made of leftover potato salad. Ingredients: boiled potatoes, eggs, prosciutto di parma, and the potato salad dressing (olive oil, vinegar and dijon mustard). I took the leftover potato salad, mashed it up, added an extra egg and baked at 350 until the top was crisp.

    Dinner: TBD

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