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Thread: Help me untangle my head, please ???

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    I understand the addictiveness of seeing the weight change on the scale and the despair of seeing it go up again. What I did was to chart my weekly weight so even when it's not moving, I can see the long-term gains. I print the graph every week and stick it on the wall where I can see it and remind myself how well I've done. Doesn't stop me weighing daily, but it does put it into perspective and has helped to avoid too many panic stations over what appears to be a stall, but in the longer term is just a blip.
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    Newbie here too! *waves* Well, new to MDA. But I did a Whole30 that turned into a Whole100 starting in March, and it literally changed my relationship with food. I'd highly recommend looking at their site,, as they are getting ready to start a Whole30 challenge month in August.

    The community aspect helps a lot, for me. And the underlying foundation is about being healthy, not about losing weight. No counting calories, no weighing (AT ALL), but the results are astounding. I'm a different person than I was in February. When I turned 50.

    You can do this, seriously.

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