So first of all, desite of this horrible thread title, I love what Mark does, I read the site every day, and am primal.

However: I first tried to go very very low carb about 7 months ago. I based my strategy on the primal carb curve, and on the fact that Mark stated many times that we could even go zero carb.

I got constipated right on the first day, when I consumed about 25-30 grams of carbs. I didn't want to think that there was a problem with the low carb approach, so I waited. I didn't poop the second, third, fourth day, so I started to be worried. (I ate meat, eggs, tried to eat enough fat with the protein of course)
I gave up after a week when I felt really awful, and ate lots of berries and fruits to get things moving.

Long story short: I gave it two more tries, both after reading about how low carb is good, and watching a lecture where Mark said that we have absolutely no requirements for carbs and we could go in our entire lives without having any carbs.

My constipation turned into fecal impaction, I didn't poop for weeks at times, and got to the point where almost nothing helped, not even consuming a lot of veggies, salty water and fiber supplement. My condition went almost life threatening, and it was def. triggered by my low carb attempts.

While I agree that refined carbs are NEVER required, saying that we have no requirement for carbs I think is an unbelievably irresponsible and dangerous claim.

I believe that an eskimo type of diet with wild seal fat and caribu meat is healthy, I don't think we can fully implement that strategy into our lives with our meat and fat sources.
It might be because our fats and meats we get in the grociery store are lacking a lot of nutrients and even some amino acids.

It sure still works for some people, but Dear Mark, I literally almost died because blindly taking your advice.