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Thread: What's for dinner?

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    Quote Originally Posted by elvenhp View Post
    Neckhammer : wood chips in the slow cooker? Did I read that right? How does that work?
    hehe... nah, slow "smoker". What Texas folk use to cook brisket

    Oh.... just saw your follow up post. Yupper.

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    I had a HB egg and a can of spring water sardines from TJ's mashed together into a bowl, mixed with a pat of butter and sprinkled with herb seasoning and sea salt. I also had a chicken drumstick and chicken broth soup with carrots.

    For dessert, I had a mug of frozen blueberries with coconut milk filled to the rim, and mixed together. Kind of like a tangy, pulpy blueberry ice cream sorbet. To die for...

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    We slow smoked dry rubbed ribs in our ceramic egg grill. Holy crap those were good. We also smoked cheese, and I died and went to heaven. Then I came back to life and ate more cheese. We also had salad and sweet potatoes.

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    Grass fed beef kabobs, marinated in liquid aminos, mustard, lemon, garlic and worsteshire
    zucchini (from the garden) gratin
    fresh blueberries and blackberries

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neckhammer View Post
    Decapitated heads of garlic are awesome.... I could spread that stuff on anything and make it better.
    exactly, even cuts, scratches, and my own children when they're annoying the
    sh!t out of me

    way better and tastier then that "child be gone" spray of yore...

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    Lamb burger with feta mixed in. Avocado on the side. Coconut aminos sprinkled on top of all of it.
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