I am new to low carb eating ( I actually have not started yet, waiting on my high carb foods in my cupboard to finish) but I began reading "The Art and Science of Low Carb living", by Jeff Volek PhD and Stephen Phinney M.D., a thorough guide promoting low carb eating (ketogenic diet) and analyzes studies done on high carb diets and low carb/ high fat diets. I have been thoroughly convinced by this book to go on a low carb diet. However, after browsing through Marks website as well Cavemandoctor.com, I am a little confused on Marks position of ketosis.

In this book, the authors promote a low carb diet to induce ketosis. In this case, a low carb diet is 50 grams or less of carbs. HOWEVER, MARK AND THE CAVEMAN DR ADVICE NOT TO GO INTO KETOSIS, BUT IF YOU DO ITS NOT BAD?!? CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS PARADIGM TO ME?

ALSO, if Mark is stating to try and avoid ketosis, ARE MARK AND THE CAVEMAN DR CONFUSED BETWEEN KETOSIS AND KETOACIDOSIS? From my understanding Ketosis is not dangerous because it only means that your ketone levels are 3-5mM while ketoacidosis is a medical emergency, usually only occurs in diabetics when you can no longer produce insulin, and ketone levels are extremely high at above 15mM.