Connecting with others who have like passions is a beautiful thing! i am 58 living in the midwest, sale/marketing guy who is married with two grown children. i started lifting weights as a teenager, partisipated in Jr. Olyimpic in Olympic lifting competition and took third. Got married and got fat at the same time, top weight went to about 210, on a 5,10.5" frame. In 1998 i deciced enough is enough and change my eating and began workout program and dropped about 30lbs. That was all good but keeping it off has been the real challenge, so that brings me to why i am at this site.

Currently, my body weight is 183lbs, and my goal is to see some stomach muscles(yes, i know that most 58 years olds are not even thinking of this) but i want to give this a shot for one time in my life. I started eating Pimal about 2 months ago and dropped about 5-7lbs.

165 lbs is a target goal that i should be seeing some stomach muscles so my challege to get from 182 to 165 in a reasonable time frame, but i am stuck at 183 and not sure of a plan to get there, so that is why i am on this site, besides that i love talking about health, nuturition and that stuff with others.

In the body building world (John Parrello) recommends eating meals every 3 hours to increase the metablism which in turn cranks up the fat burning machine. Apparently, what he is advocating works becuase body builders are lean, and muscluar. Eating fat promoted in Primal eating is off limits although there is some fat enouraged, maybe 5% total calories.

How does Primal eating view this eating every 3 hours?
Does calorie restriction method favor Primal or not?
These questions might not be for the aveage Primal eater, but if you have any food for thought i would be happy to hear about it.

I look foward to connecting with all 'BluePrint' foodies!