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Thread: Healthy fats

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    Healthy fats

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    So I E-mailed Mark and asked him how do I lower my protein levels to 1g/lb of body weight yet still consume enough calories to gain the weight I want. He responded to eat alot of healthy fats rich in Omega 3s. Well, my request to all of you is....what are some healthy fats!?! I'm new to this website by the way. I'm going to search the blogs but I figure I'd throw this out there first. Thanks!

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    Any saturated/monounsaturated fats are good. Preferably from animal sources. Limit polyunsaturated fats, which mostly come from plants.
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    All animal fat (from properly raised animals) is game. If you are also going to go for plant fats I would mostly eat macadamias and/or coconuts. Most other plant fats are too high in poly-unsaturated fats.

    Fish is the best source of O3s. Salmon belly is really fatty and delicious, if you can get it where you live.

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    Coconut oil is good

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    I love how our conception of "healthy fats" is the complete opposite of CW. When they say healthy fat they mean canola oil, when I do I mean beef tallow and coconut.

    As least we have monounsaturated in common. No qualms with that one.
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    i just came from a frustrating conversation about saturated fat and the lipid hypothesis which i tried saying saturated fats are natural and better for us than polyunsaturated. then i tried using youtube to show some different documentaries saying so, and pointed out places in various books written by biochemists, doctors and other people of credential. to this the answer i was given was "just because you read it in a book doesnt make it so".
    WTF seriously. you read in a publication exactly the opposite of what im saying but that publication is somehow different to mine therefore their own argument of reading it in a book doesnt come into play there either? AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
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