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Thread: Carbohydrate Restriction as an Adjunct Treatment for Hypothyroidism

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    Lightbulb Carbohydrate Restriction as an Adjunct Treatment for Hypothyroidism

    Carbohydrate Restriction as an Adjunct Treatment for Hypothyroidism | A Worldly Monk

    "Hypothyroidism is a distressingly common condition, one from which I suffer myself. My diet includes sufficient amounts of the dietary precursors of thyroid hormones, avoids goitrogens (substances in food that inhibit the production of thyroid hormones) and restricts carbohydrate."
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    Good article which has online references of the study. And another good reason to stay away from lots of carbs. I appreciate such a study today because my HMO is now recommending a vegetarian diet.
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    Hey nice post. Since this is your blog post please do expand on this part though for the audience . Or just link some of what you have if you like.

    "While adding carbohydrate to a diet increases blood levels of T3, it does not also increase basal metabolism. This suggests that the additional T3 is used exclusively to metabolize higher levels of blood sugar."

    I think there is a rather large grouping of people that believe carbohydrate actually does increase basal metabolism.
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