Wondering what thoughts/strategies ppl have for healing a gut that has been badly assaulted by wheat. I was vegan for a long time (10yrs) and developed quite a wheat tooth (TM), I've not been vegan for years now but I think I've definitely done some damage. I've gone off all grains now (approaching about one month) and for the first week or two my stomach felt much better, but now it's back to feeling pretty crappy. I even wake up with it hurting... I definitely have less gas since I started primal, but I'm still experiencing some pain (centrally located in my stomach, above my belly button). Seems very much to be my stomach/upper small intestine that's the problem, but I can't be certain.
Still poop ok, but not as loose and frequent as before (still every day, after morning coffee).
Anyway, I long for a calm stomach... Yesterday I tried to not eat breakfast to let my stomach calm first but that didn't work.
I've started taking a probiotic, but it's only been a week... Would appreciate your thoughts...?