Just keep trying to get better. Maybe before, 9/10 meals were really bad. Then you went primal, and maybe you can get to 5/10 meals being really bad. Just keep trying.

Just because you eat a Smore (yum!) or a couple of bad meals, doesn't mean you get kicked out of Primal world.

This weekend I traveled and ate:
Cheeseburger, fries and a beer (I did ditch the bun)
Chocolate chip cookie
Brownie with ice cream
Potato salad
Roastbeef sub

Now, yeah, that's a bunch of bad choices over 4 days. However, 2 years ago would have had MANY more bad choices. Was all that food good? Oh hell yeah. Was it better than my normal primal eating? Maybe. But I still enjoyed my primal breakfast today and will get back on track with clean eating this week.

I'm going to bet that I will have some not so primal food again.

The key is to just keep getting back on track and over time, you will eat cleaner a higher percentage of the time, especially as you get better at filling cravings with primal foods. At home, I pretty much never eat a non-primal meal, period because I know how to satisfy myself. It's harder when we travel.

My advice- fully explore all the options the primal eating gives you. Eat all your fruit, veggies, meats etc. Maybe play around with baked goods etc. Let yourself eat potatoes on occasion. Try the full fat dairy.