Hi everyone. I have a 6-year old daughter who wants to go primal like her parents. I'm all for it, but my husband has some reservations about putting a young child on a diet without goldfish crackers and spaghetti. Our daughter is also very small for her age, in the lower 3 percentile of average heights for her age, and skinny as a string bean. However, she's currently healthy without any growth abnormalities, and her size, while small, is pediatrician approved.

Part of the reason I'd like her to go on the primal diet is that since I've given up wheat, my milk allergy has disappeared. My daughter has shared this milk allergy and she would love to be able to drink milk again, but at the same time we want to keep her calorie intake up and she's a natural carb-ivour.

So does anyone have any advice or research to share about putting kids on a primal diet? Is it safe? Is it different from an adult primal diet?