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    Thanks for the comments, don't worry, I'm well aware of PhD-Hell as several of my friends and colleagues have been through it. I'm currently a lecturer and academic advisor to 3 universities, so its about time I took the step to the next level but it requires my full time attention - so change of career and become what my brother in law refers to as a 'professional student!' I have watched a colleague complete his PhD part time over the last 6 years and I have seen him suffer first hand and I knew that wasn't the approach for me! He submitted his thesis a few weeks ago and will find out on Monday (15.07.13) if he has been successful.

    My area of research is the use of high-end, emergent technologies such as remote sensing and sensor arrays to aid the environmental management - so actually not a million miles away from your subject area. My main interests are in trees and associated vegetation.
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    There's a Nintendo DS game called Brain Age that's really good for exercising your brain. My husband used to play it a lot (he has a bad memory and concentration issues and figured it'd help--I think it did somewhat), and got me hooked on it for awhile.
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    I like to play chess against my computer. It usually ends like this, though.

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    I've been trying to learn French for about 6 years now. I don't study as much as I should, but I am hoping it helps my brain in the long run.
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    Dans ce cas, vous devez déménager en France. Il est plus facile d'apprendre une langue avec la méthode d'immersion totale.

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