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Thread: How much soda did you used to drink?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WeldingHank View Post
    It was no wonder I weighed 450+lbs
    It wasn't such a great thing for me either. My usual noon meal was a dew, a peanut butter twix candy bar and as many cigs as could smoke in half an hour (young and stupid pass applies here). I wasn't over-weight because of it. More like underweight and obviously malnurished.

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    Maybe an average of a can a day of Diet Coke, when I used to keep it in the house. Rarely regular colas, but sometimes a swig of a cold Coca Cola. In a bottle. The Mexican or UK versions without HFCS

    Now I drink it maybe once a month.
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    I was the Coca-Cola kid, from a young age. Regular cola, later diet cola, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper also. I drank nothing else. It's hard to say how much, but I always had a glass at hand. A good 2 liters probably.
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    In high school, I had a can of Dr Pepper a day, with my lunch. Everything else was water or milk. I'd have maybe 2 or 3 on Saturdays at UIL Academic meets.
    In college, I was too poor to afford anything but tap water, so that's what I drank. That's also when I discovered my love of unsweet iced tea, so that's what I'd get a restaurants.
    After college, I'd have maybe a soda a month.
    Now, I'll have an Irish Pepper (whiskey, Dr Pepper, and Amaretto) maybe three times a year.
    Never got into the diet soda thing. I always have hated the fake sugar taste, no matter what the fake sugar was.
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    I used to drink a lot of diet pepsi and diet dr. Pepper. Now I drink Mexican coke occasionally cos it's in glass. Everything tastes better in glass. And I hate the concept of HFCS.

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    Easily a 2 liter per day.

    Then switched to diet to get my "calories in" lower.
    Fought the addiction for a while, "quit" several times, even during primal.

    After primal: a can or two a day or so, only with real sugar though, no HFCS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knifegill View Post
    In the depths of my addiction I frequently destroyed 2 liters a day.
    This describes me perfectly a few years ago. It took about 3-4 months to stop craving Dr. Pepper. I remember going out to eat with a couple of my friends last fall, and I ordered a Dr. Pepper, just to find out if the taste had changed. It tasted like chemicals, and I stopped after a few sips. I can't believe how much of that garbage I used to drink.
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    I was drinking 2 or 3 cans of diet soda a day until I quit. Back in the 70's my Aunt used to drink a 6 pack of regular Coke a day which of course rotted most of her teeth out.
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    I didn't drink much soda, but I would drink 3 tall cans of Arizona sweet tea regularly.

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    I never drank more than a can a day.

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