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Thread: Feels like I'm starving! (obviously not though)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarbDodger View Post
    I feel must speak up in defence of celery, and no-its not a meal, but I love it, that delicious crunchy saltiness. Admittedly i slather mine with pate or fish and so on. Its even got that wonderful shape that makes it ideal to fill with good stuff.
    I agree, it's freakin' delicious.
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    well... I do love the celery, but maybe it was not very filling.. I did that because I usually end up eating lunch only a few hours before supper so it is kind of a combo.. and I would add a few craisins to the celery, so maybe that was adding too much sugar..It was so good though.. I tried the extra fat advice (using more olive oil or adding butter to my potato or eating a little more bacon) Is that what you meant? I think that has helped improve my hunger . Of course I especially loved the word "hangry" Lol

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