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    Would Ghee be grassfed?

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    I have a trip to Singapore coming up soon and plan on visiting Little India to stock up on Ghee because I can't get it here.

    The Ghee I can get there is an Indian brand. I don't know the name. But I'm slightly nervous...

    I've been to India, I've seen cows wandering around eating cardboard and plastic bags (not that those cows would be making Ghee, I'm sure) But it makes me a little bit worried about what the cows in India might be fed.

    There's a lot of land though, so I assume some could also be pastured?


    Folks who eat ghee, or who have been to India... thoughts?
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    Your best bet would be to ask the farmer.

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    Yeah...grass fed isn't going to be a priority in India, I doubt you could even find a grass fed brand. It will be the equivalent of generic American diary products, though I think hormones are illegal in India.

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