Hello everybody,

My name is Annemaaike, but some people call me by my second name Darah, which is easier for english speaking people to pronounce I guess.
I think I am a great deal younger than most people here(15 years). I am homeschooled what gives me the space to get to know a lot about the things I'm interested in. One of this things I'm interested in is health. I know a great deal about chinese medicine, espesially about what they say about food. And I did a study acupressure. But being homeschooled also gives me the opportunity to be a lot around nature, and discover that there is a lot of wisdom from our ancesters which can help us now.(including social subjects, food, medicine, religion) Because our ancesters (but also still some tribes right now), had really a way of living that did not harm earth in any way, they were part of nature itself. And then I thought: 'what if I want to live a whole day from the food that's around me outside' And I realized I wasn't able to do that without killing an animal, which was of course not an option. So I used google to look for diets that said how you could live without (extremely) cultivated food. And then I found the paleo diet. And it was a wonderfull discovery for me. I had problems with my digestion already for maby two years. I had a heavy feeling in my stomach a lot of the time , and I was eating herbs which helped me when I had that, but it couldn't prefent the pain. But I realized that the paleo diet could help me. And the first thing I did was stopping with eating wheat. And I still after 1,5 years don't eat it. And I have no digestion problems any more. I have had one complete paleo day which worked really good for me. And sometimes I have a paleo meal. And i am interested in eating completely paleo, because it's the most pure and natural way of eating I can think of. But it's hard for me to know how to put the things I read on the internet in practice, so I do have some questions about that. But maby it's a good idea to ask them later, because my story is already really long (sorry for that). I'm from Holland by the way.

Thank you so much for reading.