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Thread: Iodized sea salt???

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    Iodized sea salt???

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    An australian friend of mine pointed me to this website to find iodized seal salt with no artificial anything else.

    Correct me if I am wrong but we do not have anything like this in the USA correct???

    I'm considering spending the $30 to have it shipped. OUCH!!!!!

    PLease tell me we have something like this here. I have checked Whole Foods, Traders, local grocery stores. All "healthy" salt here is not iodized.


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    We have morton iodized sea salt at the local grocery. I use it along with a couple other salt varieties in my house.

    Morton Salt Iodized Sea Salt, 26 oz, 2 pk - Free Shipping

    If your doing it for the iodine why not just take some kelp tablets?
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    You can also sprinkle dulse flakes on whatever. Lots of iodine in it. We use it on salads, in gravies etc.

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    I don't use iodized sea salt in my cooking - I just use a good unrefined sea salt and then incorporate some seaweed into our diet. The seaweed provides the iodine we need in a natural form.

    And actually, by adding seaweed, I find I need to use less salt as it is quite salty in itself.

    I add Kombu/Kelp to the bone broths I make, I use dulse and wakame in other things, sometimes ground up.... and we eat quite a bit of "Paleo sushi" as well.
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