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    Quote Originally Posted by StupidFatHobbit View Post
    Wow first I've heard of these nootropics… do they have side effects?
    Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea leaves which blocks the binding of L-glutamic acid to glutamate receptors in the brain, and the mechanisms are anti-anxiety and stress due to inhibition of cortical neuron excitation. Aniracetam is a more potent anxiolytic in the racetam family, with a shorter half-life, which performs its mechanisms via modulation of the AMPA receptor.

    No real side effects attributed to either, that I've noticed or found.
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    btw. if I were living in the US I'd be doing the floatation tanks (meditation + sensory deprivation = win!)... can't find them here in austria though...

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    I. focusing on the "darkness"
    II. focusing on sounds
    III. focusing on touch / body

    Spend a few seconds on each step, and repeat.

    PS: This is also a "cure" for insomnia.

    PSS: I never do this regularly...meditation is the hardest habit to stick to.
    Interesting. I might try that one at break tonight. It is a hard habit to carry for long, but why? Do we just get bored?

    Counting breaths combined with a timer in another room. The timer keeps you from being distracted/wondering how long you've been sitting, and counting breaths keeps you focused on just one thing. It is a hard habit to stick to. Theoretically, if you do it on a regular basis, eventually you'll zone out and just naturally stop counting your breaths.
    I do stop counting my breaths, but that's usually because I've fallen asleep! :P

    I have tried all of the ideas and techniques put forward by just about any kind of meditation guide culture or group, and typically I still end up just masturbating.
    I suspect most of your daily activities are interrupted as such. Working in the kitchen, water about to boil *zap* whappit time! Must be terrible.

    I'm boring... Just square breathing. I used to use a candle but haven't in years.

    Well, maybe not soooo boring. I have had some amazing experiences meditating. At one point I had a 1,500 OPEC epuzzle I was working on. I would mess with it a little and then meditate. During meditation I would see puzzle pieces falling like rain. After meditation, I would immediately be able to put together several pieces from the puzzle.
    Sounds like how my Grandpa taught my mom, and she taught me, to solve word searches. Just clear the mind and let the eyes wander, and boom, words appear.

    Mindfulness meditation stimulated through aniracetam and theanine.

    Evidence builds that meditation strengthens the brain

    I'm going to implement other techniques soon, once I perfect this. Unfortunately, due to bad anxiety, nootropics are required for now. Hoping mediation will fix that in and of itself.
    K. Haven't tried the pills. I do like my green tea, though.

    Right now I just do plain old sitting zazen. Zazen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Just sit and stare at that wall..... very boring shit, but I do feel better in a subtle way for the rest of the day when I do it.
    I can't stare at walls without being attacked by huge, oily blue and yellow circles that dance and radiate. Sometimes I can use them, usually they are as distracting as TV.

    I do sitting meditation in a straight-back chair, well balanced, maybe like zazen, in a closed room with no sounds. I close my eyes and just breathe naturally and concentrate totally on feeling the temperature difference in my nose of the in-breath (cool) and the out-breath (warm). Any stray thoughts I block. Feeling only, feeling temperature only. And then nothingness. The sense of time is gone. I sit. Then nothing sits.

    Before I start I ask my husband to come and touch me in 30 min. if I haven't come out.
    That sounds pretty nice, actually.

    btw. if I were living in the US I'd be doing the floatation tanks (meditation + sensory deprivation = win!)... can't find them here in austria though...
    $$$, even DIY is $$$

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    I favour mindful meditation.

    But for newb clients if I am recommending good ways to start I usually use guided meditation technique as it is easier and they are more likely to stick with it that way.
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    I use mindfulness- pretty similar to what a lot of people have said above- but I also do bodyscan (he, often fall asleep doing this)...good old Jon Kabat-Zinn styles. There is also mindful walking but my monkeybrain wont let me do that ('oohhh look at the pretty ____!') but from what little I know it isn't that you are able to be mindful for long stretches, but learning to come back to the mindfulness when you've drifted.
    I also have tried Body Talk and the 'cortices' tapping makes me super chilled out. Placebo or not, doesn't really bother me as I feel better

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    I have recently been using a new (to me) meditation that I really like. I say my first name (or one could pick any simple word) and say it to myself in my mind, and try to hear myself saying it. I find this really hones my concentration and I feel alert and joyful afterwards.

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    I find the treadmill to be meditative. I just can't get into sitting still and pretending that it's productive. I just fidget and am filled with an impatient loathing suspicion that every single person who has ever told me to meditate is just a pretender tool that wants to feel spiritual, and is actually willing to sacrifice their time and energy to maintain this front.
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    I'm not into the eastern mysticism bent of meditation . . . so for me it's usually just deep breathing while sitting or lying semi-supine. Sometimes with music.

    Sometimes deep breathing while taking a relaxing warm bath.

    And sometimes meditative prayer where I focus on a particular Bible verse or prayer I already have memorized so I can clear my brain and just focus on God.

    (Yes, I'm a Christian. Yes, I'm paleo. Yes, I love science and believe in evolution and don't believe that precludes belief in God . . . I'm not here to debate about it - there are other threads for those who feel compelled to argue about religion - I only say this to clarify for the sideways looks I feel like I sometimes get when I mention my faith in paleo communities).
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    I guess I should add there is kinda a cool app called Insight Timer which I use.
    As I post this link I remember I got an email that they are going to be down some for a server change, I think this weekend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by loafingcactus View Post
    I guess I should add there is kinda a cool app called Insight Timer which I use.
    As I post this link I remember I got an email that they are going to be down some for a server change, I think this weekend.
    The site's back up. But I'd rather have a stand-alone.
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