I totally agree that carbs should come from whole sources, especially fruits, veggies, and tubers. Some seem to say NO wheat at all, and that makes sense to gluten-intolerant people. I get that wheat can be inflammatory, but to be honest I'm not gluten-intolerant and I dont' feel any noticeable bad effects or lethargy whenever I eat something wheat-based. I also read Mark's article on how grains are actually seeds and have phytic acid etc so you should avoid them; by that logic, why are other seeds like pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds paleo-approved? I actually don;t like potatoes or rice, and that leaves me limited with other starchy carb options. In moderation, I would like to enjoy a nice artisan-baked sourdough loaf from the farmers market; can that be part of my 20%?

Please no rude responses; it's an honest question of how bad wheat really is.