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Thread: The longer Primal the less effect Non Primal foods has on you?

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    The longer Primal the less effect Non Primal foods has on you?

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    Is anybody able to explain the scientific reason behind why the longer you are primal/paleo the less likely that cheating or eating a non primal food occassionally will affect your body negatively?

    I've heard it mentioned but don't quite understand how that works and would be interested to know?

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    Honestly, I've found the opposite to be true, but my body is probably doing a lot of healing.

    I can't claim to be scientific, but my guess would be that a healthy body and digestive track can handle a lot of bad stuff. The healthier you are (the longer you've eaten well), the less likely you might be to suffer from going off-coure.
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    Depends on your situation. If you have significant food intolerances Primal acts as an elimination diet and helps you to pinpoint those items. After a time and gut healing many do find that they can add some of those foods back in without the reprocussions they once had. This does tend to be dose dependent though, and if you consistently eat said items you may very well end up right back were you started. So yes, in many cases once you have a healthier gut (from eating primal) you many food intolerances do tend to improve.

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    A lot of modern food toxins take action when they overspill the body's coping mechanisms, e.g. fructose congesting the liver, omega-6 fat not being burned and lingering in the bloodstream, WGA increasing gut permeability, full glycogen leading to hyperglycemic nerve damage, etc.

    Each of these elements might be perfectly safe below a certain dosage or frequency. A diligent eater won't breach the dam with a single celebratory meal--it's often the second or third such consecutive meal that deals the damage.

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