Fats and Protein - the building blocks of a healthy mind, body and soul

In terms of macro nutrients, fat (the good kind) and protein are the real trusted friends of your body, mind and soul. Let me elaborate a little further for youÖIím sure that by now most of you have heard that eating good fats helps you to burn fat and eating protein fills you up more and keeps you going longer as well as fuelling that all important muscle growth. But have you thought about the impact that they have on your insulin levels and sensitivity and your delicate hormone balance?*Itís no secret to those that know me that Iím an avid follower of the protein before carbs school of thought - itís a way of eating that works very well for me in many more ways than one.The diet that most of us follow in the western world means that we are consuming a larger amount of refined carbohydrates and sugar, upsetting the levels of insulin in our blood. Not only does this leave us reaching for the nearest chocolate bar when insulin levels crash but it also upsets the delicate balance of oestrogen and progesterone - the female hormones - meaning that our oestrogen levels soar while progesterone drops, often leaving us feeling depressed, anxious, lethargic and very erratic. These feelings can lead to comfort eating, loss of sleep, weight gain and general drop in our self esteem. When this all becomes compounded by adding adrenal fatigue in to the equation the situation can become quite unbearable.*This is where our good friends fat and protein come to the rescue. By simply cutting your intake of carbohydrates and sugar and replacing them with fats from foods such as whole eggs, avocado, fish and nuts and protein from meat, fish, poultry etc you avoid the insulin spikes, avoid the hormone imbalance, the weight gain and that whole list of negative results that no one wants in their lives.You may be wandering where youíre going to get the certain levels of carbohydrate that your body needs to function. The answer is vegetables and fruit. Eat enough of these, combined with fats and protein and the occasional portion of Quinoa or Sweet Potato, and youíre body can easily fuel itself.You can further improve your recovery by eating 4/5 small meals a day rather than the standard 3. Not only will this aid in the maintenance of insulin sensitivity and hormone balance but it will also raise your metabolism and aid in any weight issues you may have. If you then throw in two good weights/ resistance training sessions a week and one or two cardio sessions youíll find your life will take a drastic U turn.*What are your thoughts/ experience on prioritising the intake of fat and protein over carbs? If thereís any questions about anything Iíve written here let me know - Iím happy to help!