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Thread: It only took 50 years

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    It only took 50 years

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    Hi from a very HOT California! Here I am feeling dumb for spending most of my life doing it wrong. I think I am ready to come out officially as a former vegan. I actually found this site because I was on a vegan site and they were talking about the potato hack thread here and how you guys finally got something right. I had to check you out. Once here I couldn't stop reading. (I must say you are the most intelligent posters on any forum I have read and I have read them all!)

    I have been trying for years to lose a few. I exercised everyday. Ate low fat/high carb. Felt awful. Preached we don't need meat to be healthy. And carried food with me everywhere because I never knew when low blood sugar would hit and I would need a quick fix to function. Unbelievable right?

    This makes so much sense. I am ready to lose the food monkey that would have me scarfing down carbs and never feeling satisfied then crashing into a sugar induced coma. I've been on that wheel for 50 years. Time to do something that works!

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    Welcome Angel, I'm broiling here in CA too. I found primal just before I turned 50 three yrs ago. For years I carried food with me in case I had a hypoglycemic crash; it's so nice to know I can go long stretches now w/o eating. So much of what I thought was normal for me was caused by what I ate; I'm no longer a light sleeper, hypoglycemic, a weakling, I don't get migraines, I'm not straight waisted, there's probably other stuff but I'm too hot to think.

    I love your quote!
    Life is death. We all take turns. It's sacred to eat during our turn and be eaten when our turn is over. RichMahogany.

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    Welcome Angel. Laughing at how you found us, but hey, the point is you're here now. Good luck with changing over to primal, here's to many healthy happy and energetic years to come.

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    Welcome from another ex-vegan in hellish California (Sacramento.) Good luck on Primal.
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