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Thread: Crossfitters--Need Advice (HELP: Learned Fear of Box Jumps)

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    As an update I finally started doing the 20" box! I am pretty cautious mind you as there's still a faint mark on my leg from my box jump incident of 4 weeks ago!

    The nice thing is I've finally been able to do a couple of WODs at Rx now! For me though, right now, it's all about preparing fully for each jump. I was less careful on the lower box and as a result I fell.

    In order to get the courage I first reassured myself I could do the jump (by jumping on the bed) and then at the end of a CF session I just decided to try it! The box stopped looking as intimidating as it used to.

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    So it looks like I've finally overcome my fear of box jumps. After months of avoiding classes that involved box jumps and jumping onto stacked plates only the few times I went to a class that involved box jumps, today, I finally decided that enough was enough. I was sick of my mental problem.

    Today's WOD involved box jumps. I was tempted to skip it when the workout was posted last night. But I only have a few days left in Philly, and this is literally my second-to-last class. I didn't want to skip it. So I didn't.

    This morning, I went to my globo gym first and jumped a few times onto those padded non-scary boxes they had. No problem.
    Then I went to crossfit, put on my shin guards, stood in front of the box, stared at it for a few seconds, wrung my hands, stared at it some more, prayed, banged my head against the wall, stared some more, prayed some more, and jumped on it...Yay! I did three jumps. Then I stopped, stared at the box some more, banged my head some more, and jumped some more.

    I practiced like that again, this time using the smaller boxes that are tapered at the top, in between the main lift and the WOD. Then I did the WOD. I survived. Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO happy!

    Now, I don't have to go to a new box in CA and tell them that I can't do box jumps.

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