My experience with box jumps is very strange. When I was first exposed to box jumps during the on-ramp sessions, I had no trouble starting. I got on the box right away and survived all on-ramps sessions with box jumps without getting injured. Then I started regular crossfit, and we didn't do box jumps for a while. I developed a fear of them for no reason. I got myself to overcome this by doing a few every so often.

Then I got injured because I wasn't paying attention one time and fell over the box. I banged my knee. It hurt but wasn't serious or anything. I recovered from this psychologically. But then I got injured again. Banged my shin this time (the normal way people get injured on box jumps). And I developed a fear of box jumps again!

Now, it's a lot worse. The thing with box jumps is that if you're afraid of them, it actually makes it easier to get injured because of the mental block (thinking you can't get on the box makes it more likely that you won't make it). So I got injured a third time because I was scared. That, of course, just reinforced my fear, and now I'm even more scared. Just thinking about box jumps right now (sitting at work) makes my adrenaline spike (yes, I can tell, I can feel it).

I can still do them when I have to, but I'm SOOO scared now, it's not even fun anymore. And that's sad because I actually really like box jumps. I can't tell myself that it's an irrational fear because it's completely rational.

Does anyone have any advice for me on how to attenuate this learned fear? Should I keep trying to make myself do it, or give myself a break for a while? (The last time I got injured on them was last Wednesday.)