Hey all,

I noticed over the last week, multiple inaccuracies in fitday's database and nutritional analysis.

Just a heads up. Be watchful and careful especially if you're eating and tracking nutrients for liver (high enough to be A and copper toxic if eaten regularly) Consider comparing results from the USDA database, nutritiondata.com or dailyburn.com

Nutritiondata is absolutely the most thorough analysis, but for tracking, the ui is really ridiculously cumbersome and non-intuitive. While the free version doesn't have an extensive analysis (just macros), DailyBurn.com (thanks beefcake) is great and has an iphone app. The ui for the tracking feature in dailyburnui is exceptionally sleek and visually appealing and the 'add own item' and 'add recipe' tools are the simplest of all of the online trackers.