Good afternoon, I started Primal/Paleo 5 months ago after I ran into someone that came to see how fat I had got. I could see by the look in his eye or the lack to look me in the eye, that it was up to me to do something. I embraced the foods, and haven't really missed a thing. I figure if I eat 21 meals a week, and I want to eat something unusual (not on the diet), I allow myself that splurge. I have lost 30 lbs. which has literally fallen off with little effort other than changing my eating habits. I used to love McDonald's, pizza every Friday with fries, etc. and suffered from many headaches. I thought it was hereditary since both parents suffered from migraines but obviously it was what we were putting into our bodies. Since I have dropped many of the bad foods, I no longer suffer from headaches. Paleo has truly changed how I feel and has given me much added energy as well as joining a couple of the mud races with obstacles. I am thrilled and hope that you try this lifestyle as well!