Hi All,
I've posted a few times about my transitioning to a Primal diet over the past month. I'm currently experiencing some increased anxiety and wanted to get your thoughts on what could be causing it.

I have Depression and Anxiety (diagnosed), but ever since I was about 28, it's been primarily Anxiety and much less about the depression. Specifically, I have OCD, but the Obsessive, not Compulsive form... This frequently manifests in hypochondria (ie, I have ALL the cancer). I'm wondering if anyone experienced mood fluctuation/agitation with the transition and whether it's a relatively normal response to the change or whether it likely indicates I'm doing something wrong.

I'm 31, and currently I'm eating what I would say is Primal, 0 grains, 0 refined sugars (just fruit, some starchy veggies), some dairy, but not too much (like 2-3 servings of high-fat per day), lots of eggs, and a variety of vegetables and fruit. I'm also taking 50mg Zn, 450mg Mg Citrate, 1000IU D3, and I just started taking some probiotics and fish oil to help my stomach stay calm and reduce inflammation respectively (I also have fibro).

I feel anxious about eating all this food that I've previously been so certain is bad for me... I'm worried that it's somehow clogging my arteries up and it's going to give me a heart attack (irrational fears anyone?)

Anyway, just wanted to hear from others who perhaps suffer from mood disorders about how the transition went for you...?