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    If you are taking Wellbutrin and amitriptyline, you should definitely ask your doctor about 5-HTP first. Both of these antidepressants work on serotonin. Adding even more serotonin puts you at risk for serotonin syndrome (aka serotonin toxicity, basically excessive nerve cell activity according to WebMD). If you are going to get it, it will be within hours of starting a new medication or upping the dose. Its the sort of thing you must go to the ER for, and dangerous. This is why you're supposed to let MAOIs wash out of your system before starting an SSRI.

    I don't think serotonin syndrome can be acquired by dietary manipulations alone, though, so adding more carbs with your meat ought to be okay.

    But maybe there is something different that could be used instead. Beta blockers, for example, or CBT.

    About the chocolate: maybe that's why I feel the need to eat it daily! Yet another reasonable excuse. Thanks!

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    I've actually experienced what my pharmacist thought was seratonin syndrome when I started taking Cymbalta while taking Remeron (psychiatrist prescribed). I was full-on high. My understanding is that Welbutrin is more of a Dopamine/NE modulator... With some seratonin interaction but nothing like an SSRI (which is likely why it helped me and SSRIs and combos of SSRIs didn't - I don't have a deficit of seratonin... And that's likely why I felt like I was high from the double seratonin hit with the combo).
    Anyway, I'll prob avoid 5-HTP for now and see how this plays out over the next few weeks.

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    If you don't already, keep a diary noting how you are feeling, even track your period, even noting any non-primal type foods you may have eaten, etc on a daily basis. I have been doing this for over a year and it is extremely helpful in seeing patterns, and in presenting the data to your dr. I do think the seasons also play a role in how a person feels and hormone winter people can tend to be more down, in summer people may be more's worth trying.

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    Just a thought but since I started basically eating a low (well...much lower) histamine diet my anxiety is much better! If you google "high histamine and anxiety" or "high histamine food and anxiety" there is some info out there. I know once going primal I started eating more tomatoes, avocados, spinach, almonds, kimchi and other fermented veggies etc. There are both high histamine foods (vinegar, fermented foods) and foods that release histamine when eaten...chocolate, avocados, many fruits etc. I was so relieved when I realized that by lowering my histamine levels, my anxiety improved.

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