Evening all,
Just having a look at this primal type diet to HELP combat the coal dust and diesel particulates (cancer causing) I breathe in for 10 hrs a day 6 months of the year.
38yr old male, only have dairy in coffee/tea or sometimes cereal, USED to do Muay Thai (kickboxing) 4-6 days a week for excersise but stopped 2.5 years ago now. Was looking into my first Crossfit session for yesterday but have developed Morton's Neurosis due to tight fitting steel cap gum boots (Wellingtons) and can't wear anything but thongs (flip flops) or my larger size work boots.
I now have my feet to deal with for excersise and camp food to deal with while away at work. I try to eat as natural as possible with what work provides ie: salads, veggies and fruit but, all the curries and sauce covered meats do make it difficult. Can't wait to have a good read here and get started on a healthier lifestyle and get this extra 4.5kg (10lb) off and be back to my 35-36yr old body and be more active with my kids.

Cheers, Scott