I'm 18 and recovering from anorexia/eating disorder. I am severely underweight and need to gain weight. Looking around on the forums, there seems to be different reccommendations of what to eat; I want to gain some strength and muscle since I look "bony" at the moment, and also gain minimal body fat. I get enough protein, but should the remaining calories mostly come from carbs or fat? Mark seems to say fat, since it lowers insulin levels and thus less body fat is stored; yet, some of the forums suggest to eat high carb because dietary fat is stored directly as fat, whereas carbs are more thermogenic. I always thought lower carb was better to minimize fat gain, but now I'm confused and overwhelmed with all the info out there. I think the bottom line is, I'm also anxious and soo uncomfortable about gaining body fat, even though I know it's inevitable. I'm pretty sedentary although I try to move around a lot, since at the moment I can't handle strenuous exercise.

Also, I know to gain muscle mass lifting is best, but I have tendonitis, so I can't lift weights or do bodyweight exercises that use my arms. Is there anything else I could do to build strength?