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For anyone who has recovered, how did you deal with things like cravings, fat gain, body composition, gaining muscle?
My cravings aren't as bad as they were prior to Primal, but I get them occasionally. I find I can resist it much easier now, the urge to binge is very brief and less frequent, especially with more stable eating patterns. I don't feel the constant hunger and raging desire to grab all the cookies in the bakery section of the store and eat until I'm sick.

The fat in my diet has really helped with appetite suppression and satiation, I use to fear fat. I swore I wouldn't touch butter again, but I gorged on sugary cereal and enormous bowls of pasta. I've actually lost weight doing Primal (was in recovery prior to PB) and I'm leaning out! I don't feel weak and I can see some definition around my stomach and my arms and legs feel more toned.

The whole carb thing is debatable, but based on my observations and reading the experiences of others, younger people need the carbs and glucose and lower carb is inefficient. Experimenting is key.