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Thread: How to fix these nasty pores on my face?

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    And for the 'WOW !' effect you have to up the fat. I remember someone telling me about how rosy my cheeks were all the time, that I was glowing after I really started to keep an eye on this (70-80% fat) & asked me if I had gotten a boyfriend ahahaha. I've seen this mentioned by others on LC forums. The higher fat (ketones probably) seems to improve circulation for the skin & brain, so better skin + good mental health = folks around (0.0)

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    For a fairly natural exfoliator/skin conditioner you could try porridge oats wrapped into a muslin cloth and run under a hot tap until the liquid coming out runs cloudy; GENTLY 'brush' (rather than scrub) over your skin. The muslin will exfoliate, the oat water will sooth it. Rinse with cool water and pat dry. Cleavers (Galium aparine) tea might help too as that is a good blood tonic and can also be used as a rinse.

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    My pores look just like yours. Through all types of diets and all kinds of Primal hacks, I still have them. I'm not saying there isn't a solution though, so if you find one, I'd be glad to know!

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    have you considered diluted apple cider vinegar as a facial wash? its pretty good,cheap and probably worth a try, dilute it 1part to 3 parts water at first and no more than 50-50 if it helps (strong solutions dry the skin).
    witch hazel can also improve the appearance of defined pores so might be worth trying.
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    My pores have always looked like that too. I find soap and other harsh cleansers can make it worse. When I was younger I cared. But I realize that I'm the only one who ever noticed.

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    I have some tiny pores on my nose, and recently started using copper peptides. They have definitely improved the texture of my skin and shrunk the pores! You have to be cautious with the dosage though, and start very low.

    Other than that: supping with gelatine can only help.
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