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Thread: Getting Strict Primal for a month. Need recipes page

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    Getting Strict Primal for a month. Need recipes

    Primal Fuel
    I'm going dairy free for a month and limiting carb intake to 50-75 daily. I just want to see if I can cut up a bit especially in the mid section. Need some help with some good dinner recipes.

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    One quick and easy recipe that I got from a paleo blog (sorry, I can't remember which one - but it's not my recipe!) is to melt some coconut oil in a pan, sauté a finely chopped onion, add curry powder to taste, brown some chicken thighs - 2 per person - and add coconut milk. Cover and simmer until the chicken is cooked. Meanwhile grate some cauliflower florets, and steam and use instead of rice.

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    For me, this is the easiest and most delicious gravlax recipe. This is a great one to put out if people are coming over too.

    The Best Gravlax Recipe On The Internet: Now In English And Metric Units! - GNOLLS.ORG

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