At first glance I kinda dug this idea. Insurance company sends an email once a week with a list of recommended groceries. I scan my member card at the participating stores and it works like a $1 coupon for each item.

I had no illusions of the program being primal-leaning but I'm still disappointed with how little I can use. This week's list:

• nonfat yogurt (vanilla or blueberry)
• lactose-free milk (?)
• diet cranberry cocktail
• frozen juice concentrate (grape or strawberry kiwi)
• Lean Cuisine pasta
• Skinny Cow ice cream cones/sandwiches

• beans, peas, corn (canned)
• fruit cocktail (canned w/ syrup)
• diced tomato (canned)
• whey protein bars (caramel or cookie dough)
• peanut butter
• applesauce (original or strawberry)

• "7 grain" English muffins, dinner rolls, tortillas
• gluten-free pretzels (soy/quinoa/flax)
• instant oatmeal
• high-bran breakfast cereals (all sugar added)
• whole wheat pancake mix
• Dreamfields high-fiber pasta

My food plan is pretty easygoing: keep the sugars and plant seeds to a minimum. And I sort of want to applaud the health insurer who values nutrition but I'm scratching my head to make use of any of this non-perishable debris. What happens if my coworkers really invest in this?