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Thread: Where should I start with omega 3 supplements?

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    Where should I start with omega 3 supplements?

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    I've never taken an omega 3 supplement before, but I am growing concerned about my omega 6 / omega 3 ratio. One of the main reasons I've always avoided supplements, what my preference to obtain nutrients from whole food. Another big reason is all the additives (the softgel capsule, gelatin, etc). My first question, is from what fish are the best omega 3 supplements made? Next, where can I get the cleanest supplements (wild caught fish only), without additives, coatings, flavorings, added synthetic vitamins, etc.? Can I use a liquid oil rather than a capsule?

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    This site (linked in another thread here) has information that may help your quest. The next entry was aimed at your quality concerns.

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