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Thread: Making 'sweets' with gelatine

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    Making 'sweets' with gelatine

    Ive had the idea to make little sweets or candies using gelatine.

    Does anyone have any ideas or recipes that would work?

    I'm guessing juice, or fruit, would work quite well, to make a kind of 'jello'.

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    That sounds like Turkish delights. No idea how they're made though.

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    Turkish delights are jello with rose water unless you can actually harvest rose petals in your yard.
    Unsweetened tea jello I had to throw away, it was disgusting.
    I made lemon juice with stevia jello, and any other fruit juice will est apart from pineapple.
    You can also search mousses if you use dairy. Those are very tasty concoctions of fruit and cream or milk base.
    I tried setting avocado-chocolate mouse and it was another toss-away recipe for me, even when a lot of people raved.
    There is some nut milk based stuff, Asian inspired, but I have not tried it.
    If you have a home carbonation unit, setting jello's from carbonated base is kindda neat (there is a bunch of recipies for various soft drinks).
    Or if you are into alcohol, grapes in champagne jello are an elegant dessert.

    I am sure you can make a version of Super-Model's dessert (ice cubes with stevia) in a jello variety.
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    I've seen recipes before for gummy candies that use gelatin, juice and honey, if extra sweet is needed, poured into candy molds. I've never tried them myself, but they sounded pretty great!

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    google home made gummy bears. There's heaps of recipes. Not all are full of artificial junk or sugar, but most have one or the other.

    I quite like making a really stiff Jelly by dissolving plain gelatine in half the amount of fruit juice the packet recommends. yumm.

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