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Thread: AVOID Thai rice

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    AVOID Thai rice

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    There's a bit of a hoo-haa going on over here in Thailand at the moment concerning rice.

    The long and short of it is that Thailand tried to game the system to control world rice prices buy importing and buying up rice from farmers at an overinflated price. It was a complete failure, because other rice exporting countries stepped up to the plate and offered their rice at the normal price. Thailand got stuck with the rice - and has resulted in rice mountains - stockpiles of overpriced rice that no one wants to buy.

    The problem is to... no one wants to eat it either. Even the farmers.

    Farmers fret over excessive chemicals, low yields - The Nation

    As a result Thai farmers wanting the maximum amount of money, for higher and higher yields - thought nothing about spraying the crops over and over, just to ensure against crop losses.

    Most of the this Thai rice is for EXPORT.

    There's a very lasse faire attitude towards chemical use here (and in other 'developing nations') and a common belief that 'more is better'. There is also a notion that if you find something negative, it's your fault for having sought out the information, in the first place. As evidenced here, with Thailand blaming the US for creating a negative public image. (Not we'll stop spraying, or deal with the issue).

    Stringent US checks pose image problem for Thailand

    So the US are worried enough to be checking all imports of Thai rice, but... this rice will not be destroyed, and it will end up on someone's dinner table!

    If you eat rice, I'd suggest you best avoid any Thai rice if you can, or buy ORGANIC (though I don't think you can be 100% sure that it really is) if you can.

    For an interesting documentary about the spraying going on in Northern Thailand (of oranges - perhaps for export) is here:

    Orange Alert | Watch Documentaries Online | Promote Documentary Film
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    Interesting. Thanks, we'll avoid Thai rice.

    This attitude of blaming the messenger seems to be growing world-wide. People seem to want everyone to be an ostrich.
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    Geez. Thank you. Will definitely try to buy organic from trusted sources. Rice is so ubiquitous, inevitably it will spread far and wide.

    We received a notice from our Poland Spring water delivery warning us to check the bottles for unusual scents because during the hurricanes people were using them to store gasoline and not cleaning them out before returning them! Poland Spring said that they did their best to remove them from rotation but to take extra precautions in case some slipped by. Wtf is wrong with people. Rhetorical question. :/
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    Do you happen to know if this same rice is used in Thai rice paper?

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    Unsettling news. I used to buy Thai rice to avoid the "enrichment" cocktail sprayed all over most rice from America.
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    Appreciate the heads-up. Thank you.
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