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Thread: what the heck happened? Blubbering mess

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    Hey, I got this too!

    I went to my karate training, same as always, and (thankfully before we started) suddenly I felt the most depressed I've ever been, and I barely made it out before I started crying. I found somewhere quiet and just sobbed for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, I was fighting tears the whole time, and I love training. Plus, I never cry.

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    Hi allenete,

    I wouldn't race out and reconfigure your diet/regime from something like this, if your fairly happy/comfortable with with what your currently doing. If weird events like this continue over a few weeks then I would start looking at carbs/cals.

    The human body can do some unexplainable stuff some times, for example: a few times a year before my weekly competitive football match I get a sudden onset of intense pain in one of my leg joints. I used to have to pull out of the match but five minutes later I get a full recovery and retake my place with no further issues, my team mates are like " WTF dude". Now I can recognise this when it happens and not get to concerned.

    I think something like this happened to you, so it may not be dire straights, a word of caution tho, it could be the start of a chronic issue, so monitor carefully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allenete View Post
    The breathing thing isn't cardio fitness related - the situation wasn't that exhertive even - but it literally felt like my chest was tightening, and after stopping, sitting, no matter what i did, it continued.
    This part makes it sound like a stress-induced panic attack.

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