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    What is everyone's preference with suncream?
    I'm from the uk and going 2 Africa for 3 weeks on safari & then Zanzibar .

    What ingredients do I need to avoid ? Or is there any good brands which are available online


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    I use Shiseido SPF 60 on my face and have done so for 10+ years. On body, anything with stable UVA/UVB protection over SPF 30 will do but I like the Target brand. Of course, you can't get that in the UK, but I hear Laroche Posay makes amazing sunscreens for the European market.
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    Mark recommends trying to use clothing to block excessice sun exposure, or barring that, a premium sunscreen that blocks all rays, an opaque zinc based cream, orr neutrogena helioplex that blocks UVA, UVB, AND UVC rays.

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    I don't use any suncream. If in the sun for long periods I wear a thin long sleeved muslin shirt, and a large brimmed hat !. The reason I don't use any is because I am concerned what it does to the skin as all these chemicals bake onto the skin in the sun. Don't get me wrong thou, melanoma is huge in NZ so I still cover up after a certain amount of time.
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    I wear a floppy hat and a long-sleeved black t-shirt.

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    I call it sunscreen.

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    I personally don't think slathering anything on the skin that you wouldn't eat is a good idea, and sunscreens, bleugh! They're the worst of them! But... if you're going to burn there ARE herbal/organic creams out there that seem to use slightly less nasty ingredients.

    I can't advise as I don't wear any, but a friend of mine had some last year when she came on holiday to Thailand, that she got from a health food shop in the UK. It didn't have any of the usual suspect ingredients in it, was completely herbal if I recall.

    If you can (I know it's UK, LOL, so only if you're lucky with the weather... ) try and build up a good tan before you go, so you're less likely to burn.

    FWIW, I've been nude sunbathing in my garden, 30 minutes a day, every day, and I'm loving the energy and health benefits I've been getting from the extra Vitamin D. It's miraculous! Enjoy your holiday, and the sun.
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    Try to stick to things that just contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These are physical sunscreens that don't go into an excited state after absorbing UV light.

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