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Thread: Wide toe box (like Merrell Barefoot) in skate shoe look?

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    Wide toe box (like Merrell Barefoot) in skate shoe look?

    I'm looking for something that fits like the Merrell Barefoot shoes, but in a skate shoe style. Or any casual tennis shoe style, but the Merrell Barefoot running shoes are too loud.

    I am not a runner. My first and only "barefoot" shoes are Merrell Barefoot Life Reach Gloves. I love them. I've worn them nearly every day for months. Really love the ways my toes can stretch out.

    I'd love to find something that fit just like them, but more of a casual tennis shoe, ideally a skate shoe look. Merrell makes some Barefoot running shoes in loud colors. I'd try the running shoe style, but I can't get past the color selections. I'm looking for white or a subdued, light gray, green, or brown. There's also a Canvas version of the Life Reach Glove, but the gray is very dark.

    While I like the ground feel and zero drop, what's suddenly critical is the wide toe box. Because today I wore my previous wore-them-every-day-for-over-a-year shoes, some Sketcher's skate-style shoes and they were crushing my feet near the base of the fifth metatarsal. I've never needed wide shoes in the past -- in fact I've been told I have a narrow heel. Did I spread my feet out by wearing roomy shoes?

    I've seen old school Chuck's recommended for a skate look. But I assume that's for the minimal sole, not a wide toe box.


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