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Thread: Messed up with long term VLCing = Hello Matt Stone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pabs View Post

    Long term VLC causes imbalance in thyroid hormones in some folks. This is a common problem among VLCers. For the first 6-8 months, they are on a high because of the increased production of stress hormones (Catecholamines) produced in response to caloric restriction. Eventually, their adrenal glands and thyroid tire out and deregulate. This causes symptoms like hair loss, cold extremities, depression etc. I'll list links that better explain this stuff at the end of this post.
    First, for some, VLC works perfectly fine. In fact very well. Every individual has individual needs.

    Second, VLC, for some people may inhibit conversion of T4 to T3. The majority of thyroid hormone conversion happens in the liver, not the thyroid. The thyroid does not tire out.

    With conversion issues TSH and T4 levels will, most likely, be normal. T3 will be low. Things that can help conversion include:
    1. Adequate selenium 200mcg/day
    2. Optimal vitamin D levels
    3. Optimal ferritin, iron levels
    4. Manage stress, even exercise related stress

    However, for some people, even optimizing the things listed isn't enough. I am one of those people. I have hypothyroidism. I have documented conversion issues. Going VLC complicates the conversion issue and I have a return of symptoms-- fatigue, pain, weight gain. When these symptoms arise and I have tests run, my FT3 is always low, my possible contributing factors are good.

    This has taught me-- I need carbs. Not a lot, maybe 100grams a day, I don't know because I don't track. This for me is confirmed through action:
    1. upping carbs
    2. resolution of symptoms
    3. blood tests indicating better conversion

    So my suggestion, and I've said it many times,if you are VLC and experiencing thyroid symptoms:
    1. do everything listed above to improve conversion
    2. up carb consumption
    3. reduce stress
    4. Seek medical attention re:
    thyroid-- TSH, FT4, FT3 antibodies
    vitamin D
    ferritin, iron

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    Thanks for sharing your experience, Marcadav! and thanks to the rest of you as aswell. It's great to ahve a sounding board to run ideas and theories by, and subsequently get given direction.

    I've been reading up on hypothyroidism and I'm starting to think that I might have it because I display some of the symptoms ie. trouble losing weight, hair loss, dry skin/scalp. My dad has a thyroid disorder of sorts as well and has been taking medication for years. If my symptoms don't improve within the next few weeks, I will get myself tested.
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    anyone watching this thread with similar symptoms might find this post interesting:

    Low-Carb Diets and T3: A False Alarm | A Worldly Monk

    Thinking back, however, my hair loss and some other symptoms presented themselves way before I got on PB and were simply exacerbated by VLC.


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