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Thread: Heart rate / sleep monitors?

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    Heart rate / sleep monitors?

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    I'm looking for a good, but not crazy expensive, heart rate monitor.

    I've also heard good things about sleep monitors.

    My questions:
    1) Is a straight up heart rate monitor fine, or should I get one with stopwatch / running functionality as well?
    2) Are the watch-based ones (without the bra-esque chest strap) just as good?
    3) Are sleep monitors actually useful?

    Can you recommend any that fit the bill?

    Thanks so much!

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    I looked at a few HRM watches and there was mixed reviews of the ones without the straps, a couple commented that they were losing the pulse.So do your homework on whatever one you think you might get.

    If you can afford it, consider one that measures heart rate variability. That's a good indicator of heart health and you can use it as biofeedback to monitor your relaxation methods. I have a Heartmath variability monitor and its cool - I can now get 'coherent' (the proper sine wave heartrate variability) quite quickly having practiced the breathing techniques, and have learned to recognize how it feels when I've 'got it right' so can also do it without the monitor.

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    I have a goWearfit monitor and it does one at least.

    I got it to monitor how many calories I burn a day, how much movement I do.

    It registers steps, physical activity, sleep patterns (and efficiency) and will track calories as well. I've used HRMs in the past, and I never found them helpful. I prefer this monitor as I can see how much physical activity I do daily, and can keep myself challenged.

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    the gowearfit also records your sleep (waking moments etc)

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    I have a SportLine ECG wristwatch I got from Big5. Fits my needs perfectly as its basically a watch with all the usual watch-like stuff + the HRM. It doesnt constantly measure, you touch the opposite hand to the top of the watch to take a measurement, so its best for checking before/after sets or while doing something where your hands are free. I've enjoyed seeing where my aprox resting HR is and seeing where its at when I got out for low level activity so I can try to keep it moderate but not too low or high.

    As for sleep monitor... the only experience I have is with an iPhone app. Sounds weird but it actually works pretty well if you have a standard spring mattress. Does not work well on futons or foam mattresses. Pretty cheap option if you've already got an iphone

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