I was afraid this would be just a rehash of the information Mark has already given us. But no, and it was great.

The class was held at the Kaiser Fontana Medical Offices; what a beautiful facility that is. It seems that increaslingly over the last 10 years data has shown that the amount and quality of sleep is one of the most important factors in good health. There are more car accidents caused by sleeping drivers than by alcohol, cell phone distraction, etc., combined. Long-haul drivers insured by Kaiser are required to sleep with CPAP masks into which must be inserted a card, nightly, which registers the numbers of hours the mask is worn.

The most prominent Sleep Doctor was in New York but is now moving to Kaiser Fontana to oversee and greatly increase their services (and buildings) devoted to sleep science. Kaiser is the only 5-star Hospital in California, this year.

Much of what Mark has taught us was included in the 2.5 hour class, but almost as much more has been added. Armed with this information, the 1 night future use of a CPAP, and continual access to the instructor, I am 'guareenteed' good, healthy, natural sleep in the future with no perscriptions or other aids.

It turns out that everyone has sleep apnea, ceasing breating 6 - 12 times a minute is normal, 100 to 120 times a minute is not. For those over 50, melatonin production decreases significantly and supplementing with 3 mg Melatonin 2 hours before sleep is recommended. (For many paleos cortisol increases, at any age. I'll ask her later about taking DHEA to reduce Cortisol.)

The body must be cool to induce sleep, internally cool. Therefore do not eat 4 hours before sleeping. Hot showers or baths can help cool you.

I can't cover everything here, nor might you wish to read it. The result for me was that I now think it is reasonable to expect that in the future I will be able to achieve natural sleep.