Been paleo for almost a year a now. I've experienced a lot of benefits but one thing that hasn't improved is my sleep. Going back to high school (I'm in my early 20s), I've had pretty bad sleep habits. In high school, I never got enough sleep and was perpetually tired; I would take 2-3 hours naps after coming home from school. In college I would get enough sleep but I would have trouble getting 8 hours of continuous sleep at night. It would also take me a long time to fall asleep (around an hour).

Nowadays, I just started graduate school and I'm still working part-time. I have a busy schedule but I've been able to consistently get 7 hours of sleep each night. I don't really have issues with falling asleep anymore; I can fall asleep usually within 20 minutes. But I seemingly can't sleep continuously for longer than 6 hours at a time. When I wake up, I don't feel well-rested but I am able to get up and go through my routine with no problems. During the day my energy levels are stable (thanks to the fat-burning of paleo) but I feel like they could be better if I were getting better quality sleep.

What are some ways to improve my quality of sleep?